Well hey there, thanks for stopping by and getting the next little morsal of info on the LA story. Sorry its taken a while and I promise to be much better in the future, all this blogging stuff is brand new to me I’ve been focusing on building my instagram first and let me tell you now that insta is a savage bish! Daaaam but don’t worry we’ll get the fleek right in the end (though I’m starting to think I may be a little too cray to get it all the way right…lets see shall we).

Now that my vent is done lets hit rewind and take it from the top. Clearly we made it out of LAX however it was a 3hr wait followed by a 1hr transfer and a very near nervous breakdown for both parties. Qantas is amazing though and as they are affliated with American Airlines we were put on the very next flight to NYC for free WOOHOO! I cannot stress how serious U.S customs is and with the current administration the already tight shackles of the red white and blue are even tighter. Make sure when you travel to and from the U.S you have the right visa, there is a lot of info out there and it can get overwhelming but get your facts straight from the source. Call the U.S consulate if unsure of anything and get your references direct from the government site.

Each Country has a different consulate phone number find yours through

For Australia (02) 6214-5600

You will wait foreeeeeever but you will get correct info just ask the right questions. There is also this website which is fabulous 😍😍😍

Now I’ve said 3 times and I’ll say it again get your shit together people, this is no joke this is not a drill have all your shit together ready and organised!

So 27hrs later we arrive at our new home for the next month. Airbnb is a trip what you can get and what you have to deal with you never really know whats up. It’s always a different experience but an authentic one at least if not always ideal I still highly reccomend it to everyone all the time. I use airbnb pretty much everywhere applicable which is basically everywhere especially if you plan on having an extended stay many homes offer discounts for longer stays and tge cleaning fee is only charged at the end. When your trying to save a bit of $$ but still be comfortable and for me having a kitchen handy is my favourite thing! If you haven’t signed up already. Use my code and try it out!

So we have a home and it’s 10pm NYC time the jetlag is so real its like I’m floating above my body watching this zombie plot about. So what to do? GET PIZZA the size of your face!! Check out how greasy it is😁😁😁 #pizzamakesitbetter


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