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Ok so it took us probably 2 days to recover and adjust to our new time zone and environment, we got a cute Airbnb in Harlem/ Washington Heights and now I definitely want to learn Spanish even more than before which was already a lot! But just because this joint is cute does not mean it is Ideal, we have had a very interesting run, from having to buy our own toilet paper to cleaning the whole place lol, I guess that’s what you get when you’re sharing with two young MALE musicians. The boys are lovely but the hygiene is questionable. 

To be perfectly honest I was worried about how clean our “fresh towels” and linen were from the get go.

One thing about NYC as a whole is it is dirrrrtay! And we, got our taste right from the jump. Boys are gross but don’t worry we sorted them out and we are all smiles and jokes now. Even getting a couple of jam sessions in which really warms my heart, moral of the story when you play music you get away with leaving your dirty socks in the lounge.



Washington Heights is a cool up and coming areas with lots of cute Cafés, basement bars and restaurants that showcase the Dominican influence in the area as well as fusion of from around the world.


Now one of the hardest things for us Aussies to find in the states is coffee, good coffee!! And I’m a cranky bitch before it for the most part. Every time I see an espresso machine I get all tingly inside but then alas it is an epic fail. All bar one “The Chipped cup”, oh how I love you little café and I love everything about your vibe ,http://www.chippedcupcoffee.com/ (3610 Broadway, New York, NY 10031) everything down to the theming free Wi-Fi and outdoor courtyard areas. Of course its co-owned by an Aussie. Now the coffee is X’sy I mean your looking at $5.50 USD for a soy latte but when you’ve be drinking what is basically dirty water and instant coffee for a solid week you’ll pay that too. The food menu is pretty average as well but its cuteness makes up for that.

On the food tip my favourite was the hand pulled noodle joint. The hand pulled noodle has some of the tastiest food I have had in NYC, I’m a bit a bit of spice fiend myself and they cater to that especially well. The service is quick and food has always been fresh and delicious watch out for those flat noodles though they are pretty chunky. The-Handpulled-Noodle-Menu_May2016

http://thehandpullednoodle.com/ (3600 Broadway, New York, NY 10031, USA). Other than that living in an apartment with a fully equipped kitchen has meant I have cooked a lot! We have done a few grocery shops the local supermarkets and fruit shops have everything you need. This is one way I save money whilst still being healthy and controlling what is actually going into my body (besides alcohol…) it’s pretty easy to throw together a salad or some eggs and when you go full blown chef as I tend to do you got some left for later which is very exciting especially cause you tend to come home at 5am most nights.


I’m very sure NYC is turning me into a legit vampire, each week it gets harder and harder to wake up at a normal hour. But that’s for another post. X B





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