Top 5 Things to Do in Los Angeles

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Hmm…  I feel like we’ve been here before, dejavu anyone? As you know we ran into a little hot water here before, but this time (thank you angels) it was smooth sailing. Trust we were not in any shape to deal with any type of drama so this little blessing was much appreciated. I have some of my favourite cousins in L.A so it was lovely to spend some time with them and recover a little bit. We stayed with them in their apartment, we rented a car and went to the beach. Seems a little mediocre after Burning Man? Maybe but bitches need to chill too! haha…The ocean and I have special bond so this was a welcomed reprieve from the dust heat and madness of Burning Man and Vegas, a little bit of normal and a dip in the sea was just what the doctor ordered. If you have the means and even if you don’t really, Rent a car!!! In L.A it is worth it trust me! The Public transport is terrible and you will not get very far with out one. I have a great friend in L.A Lucy Green, and if you don’t know you should get to know this is girl is gonna be a star mark my words check out her web series “Blow Your Own Trumpet”  It is gold and I’m really proud of this little ranga’s hard work on this one. It was so good to see a friend from home and my family it really set me up for the unknown the lied ahead in Canada. At this stage of the adventure reality was a welcomed grace.

So after a little rest a little netflix and chill we took in the sights. As one must, It not my first rodeo in La La Land so here are my top 5 things to do once you are there.

The Beaches

If you go to L.A and don’t go to the beach, I don’t know if we can be friends anymore, they are literally everywhere and all quite unique, this is one of the things I love about L.A beaches the personality of each beach and its unique surrounding culture. This time I discovered Manhattan Beach, It reminded me of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs Beaches and I felt really at home which was lovely and best of all it is not over run by dodgy tourists.

Always a Beach Baby at heart

My other fav is the famous Venice Beach for the arty type like myself Venice is a sensory experience, the colourful characters yummy street eats (Dont sleep on those fish tacos!!) , the graffiti and music plus all those muscles, haha! It is a real treat every time I get to explore Venice beach the surrounding bars and restaurants are heavily influenced by the latino culture like everything else is L.A so you know you can get a great Margarita and some nacho’s pretty much anywhere. I also really like Santa Monica Beach/Pier for this reason. But hey makes your own decisions, there a bit more info here >> Discover the Best Beaches L.A

 Hollywood Sign Hike

You really have to pick your times for this one but it’s well worth it for the out doorsy types among you. The hike takes a few hours and you may see a little wildlife if you’re lucky but more than anything you will see lots and lots of people. It’s a pretty safe little trek so if you pike out and get tired there is usually somebody around who will take you back down to your car but (**HITCH HIKE AT YOUR OWN RISK**) L.A is full of crazy people so you do you boo boo. Start at Griffith park and go from there, information is very readily accessible once in the park and most is signposted well. The trails vary in difficulty degree’s so you don’t have to prepare for an Everest trek bring a bottle of water and just go on a lovely day walk :). Find more info here >>Hiking to the Sign

Eat Mexican Food

Eating Mexican With Lucy 🙂

So Mexican food in L.A is basically as close to authentic straight outta Mexico as you’re gonna get. The 2010 United States Census results find Latinos to be approximately half (47-49%) of the city’s population, these are facts and that means that you can get some of the best Mexican in Sunny California especially Los Angeles. I already spoke about the fish tacos on Venice Beach but there are so many gems all over the city, don’t be afraid to pull into a small hole in the wall cafe street vendor or food truck (the food trucks are sometimes the best joints and not as cheap as you may think). But L.A Weekly has got you covered with 10 of the Best Mexican Restaurants in the city to get you started on your journey. Then I urge you to find your own. I’m not one for meal planning when travelling and usually just end up eating when I realise I haven’t done so for 10hrs the Mexican spots were never disappointing, but you wanna get fancy I got you, go back to the list.

Random Concerts and Shows

This is a no brainer you’re in HOLLYWOOD! Famous people are there, they live there and if they don’t they visit…alot. So pick up a gig guide or Check out…

1)Bands in Town 

2)Time Out

3) LA Weekly

And Old Faithful 4) Stubhub this is my favourite because you can get some crazy last minute deals on big names and upcoming artists, also it’s not limited to music concerts, musicals,magic shows and sports are on the menu too so there is always something fun to do. LOVE IT!!


Of course!! L.A has some of the countries biggest and best outlet malls remember I said you need a car? Well this is one major reason, the malls are spread all around the outskirts of town,  or en-route to or from Vegas. It depends what you are looking for and what your budget is,however the prices are soooooo good at these malls it’s almost criminal. I went with my cousins from South Africa and even with a 15-1 conversion rate they were still able to nab some serious bargains. Designer handbags, shoes, leather jackets, all major activewear brands and everything in between. America is great for shopping in general but this is a level up from even that. Well worth the 2hr + drive. I would suggest putting a whole day or two aside for this as you need time to go to a few places, I would also go on your own, there are many many many tours (like heaps of tours… seriously it’s embarrassing)  that operate shopping tours but you will be limited to an hour or so in each place and its never gonna be enough or work with  your own shopping pace. This way you can stop and have a coffee or snack/lunch whenever you want and not have to make sure your back on the whack bus when they ring the bell. Here’s a link to the best outlet malls around Los Angeles

So thats that, My Top 5 Favs and it’s time to say buh bye to L.A for a while and get ready for my certainly frosty new home in Canada. I feel ready for the challenges that lie ahead and I’m excited for what may come out of this chapter of my life. Toronto I’m coming for ya! Hope you’re ready for The Bougie Backpacker!


Mahattan Beach




  1. Beverley Dunn

    January 17, 2018 at 7:46 pm

    Wow, looks like you have been a very budy vegimite lol. Everything looks so amazing, the Hollywood hike looks especially interesting. Well done.

    1. admin

      January 28, 2018 at 3:45 am

      Attempted and failed this time around that was from a previous trip a few years back

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