Though NYC is absolutely amazing, It’s not as sexy as if was to me a few years ago, dont get me wrong I love New York and I will definitely be visiting more and more as my years go on. I had always dreamed of living in the Big Apple but nooooowww, I’m not so sure. The truth is it is dirty, smelly, mean and expensive but it is also hell of a lot of fun and constantly exciting. So to show proof I’m not a hater here are my highlights 😁😁😁

No.1 Erykah Badu 

Well known fact I am an Erykah Badu fan girl extraordinaire I’ve been listening to her music since I was a awkward little tom boy and the older I get the better she does, so when by chance we happened to be in my favourite little live music venue Groove, and get invited to her Dave Chappell after party maaaaattte! I about lost my mind. Of course I didn’t actually loose it, I played it cool I am a classy lady after all this shit aint new to me… (doing backspring cartwheels inside). The spot was a giant warehouse style venue that I couldn’t tell you the address of if I tried, it was absolutely packed and through the will of the universe and maybe some new musician friends 😜 Eden and I ended up backstage eating Ms Badu’s delicious vegans foods. Though I didn’t get to meet the lady in person side of stage is close enough to make that number 1 on my highlight reel.

No.2 Amature night at the Apollo

This has been on my bucket list since NYC was on my bucket at 19 when I first saved all my pennies left home on my own for 6 months and started my travel journey though that trip I didn’t quite make it to the city of sin it was always in my near sights. There are few venues as iconic as the Apollo especially for black people  who have any interest in performing arts of any description, which is why this hit a particular soft spot for me. A venue that has introduced the world to legends like Ella Fitzgerald, James Brown or Michael Jackson Amateur Night at the Apollo is one of New York’s most popular live entertainment experiences and now it attracts performers and audiences from all over the world. The night we went Japan was in the house and can i just say they were slaying! This little Japanese dancer girl killed it and totally deserved the prize! Amature night is known for its notoriously “tough” audience, gleefully deciding who will “be good or be gone” to win based on a clapometer type thing. Look it’s like the best talent quest you ever went to and I would love to go again, the host is hilarious and really makes the mechanics of the night automatic and fun. Overall just go, If you are in NYC just go. Even though the seats and bathrooms are made for people 4ft tall and are terribly uncomfortable its 1000% worth it.

No.3 Aladdin

It’s hard to go past Broadway when in NYC and when is a disney classic Broadway well you just your girl in her sweet spot. Admittedly the partying had been pretty consistent at this time cause Eden was only in town for a week so keeping those peepers peeled was a bit of a struggle, I’m pretty sure Alexis actually took a little nap in the theater lol. But that did not take away from the incredible acting singing and COSTUMES!!! I was tempted to go on a late heist to those change room to get some threds for burning man (don’t worry that story is coming). I love disney and I love the theater and i love getting dressed up when all of these things are combined you dont get a much happier B then that.

No. 3 Central park Cycle

Listen I don’t care how lame and touristy you think this is, It was one of my favourite activities for the whole trip, though epic fail on directions from me to lex and vice versa, We literally rode around the entire central park and had no idea where we were half the time it was brilliant! Such a perfect day for it and hiring of teh bikes is so  cheap, like $10 an hour just make sure you talk to guys with the signs they are all around teh main entrance to central park and don’t be a silly tourist getting charged $50 + and hour for the bikes right at the park there are a few companies that are just in the adjoining streets. It was such a beautiful day we got hotdogs and took selfies it was really a brilliant day, got a little fitness in, this was 100% lacking at this stage of the trip so I was really happy to get my muscles working. Gotta at least try to keep it tight right?

No.4 American Museum of Natural History 

Again I am gonna be a bit lame here and guess what? I give zero fucks because the Natural history museum is fricken AWESOME, I wanted to see that giant T-Rex forever!!! Like have you seen that thing? Comment if you have an tell me how awesome you thought it was, Like as cool as i thought it was because it is freaking awesome!! I always loved biology and fyi i was really good at that shit in school 😛 The museum collections contain over 33 million specimens of plants, animals, fossils, minerals, rocks, meteorites, human remains, and human cultural artifacts, of which only a small fraction can be displayed at any given time, and occupies more than 2,000,000 square feet (190,000 m2). The museum has a full-time scientific staff of 225, sponsors over 120 special field expeditions each year, and averages about five million visits annually. How freaking cool is that!? Ok nerd B out you can wiki the rest of these facts yourself.

So besides all the amazing night spots and restaurants NYC as to offer there is a little bit of something for every aspect of every little bodies personality as well, I didn’t get to the at gallery which was a massive bummer as I’m sure that would of surely made the highlights but we did soooo much in a month and though I fall a little in love with some body or something in this city each time would I like to I live there right now?… hmmmmm probably not.




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