Half of My Heart is in Havana

Hello beautiful people welcome back!! Now before I bombard you with the flood of Coachella pics that is surely gonna tsunami through my insta, I should probably share with you a bit about my trip to Cuba last week. Sorry I’m late with a week between trips work and shit, a bitch was buuusssayy!.. Now let’s chat about Cuba!

I really did love Cuba, and I will be back for sure. The big thing everyone always warns about is the food, and yep its not that great. Overall the food is o.k depending on how much you want to spend in resorts or fancy hotels you can get some really great food, but it’s not consistent and it’s definitely not any type of remarkable even then. You won’t believe me but in all honesty the best meal I had in Cuba was sushi and sashimi from a small restaurant just outside Santa Marta between Havana and Varadero..

I know wtf!? Trips me out too don’t worry. (This is where a good blogger would have the name of said restaurant, but not me mate I totally didn’t get that info…soz)

About accomodation, we stayed at a lower budget all inclusive resort Mar Del Sur  that honestly did not have the best reviews anywhere, so our expectations were very low. However when we arrived we were pleasantly surprised by the quality size and cleanliness of the room. The staff were lovely for the most part, the pool beautiful and food ya know O.K. So all in all for $560 with included return flights I was pretty happy

Not having wifi was a little bit of a pain but if you really want/need it, you buy a card at the Internet place then you have to go to a specific wifi hotspot these are super random and in car parks and actual parks its a joke, luckily we were close to a wifi carpark so it was no problem really.


If you don’t want to do the all inclusive thing there are tons of houses in and around the beach that have rooms for rent, you can then cook for yourself and mix your own  drinks I’m usually about that life but this cruise ship scenario worked for me this time round. Honestly the resorts have such crazy rates for all inclusive that I think it’s the easiest, safest and most cost effective way. 10000% bring your hot sauce or bbq or tomato sauce whatever you like. They have some sauces there but they are weird and kinda gross. I was extremely happy to have my little bag of goodies 😁.

We also planned a few days in Havana so we didn’t have buffet food all that much.Varadero is your typical beach resort town, which was totally fine with us, the first few days we spent relaxing at the beach and pool soaking in as much Vitamin D as possible. The beach is spectacular, pure white sand, palm trees and crystal clear turquoise water😍😍

One silly thing if you are not fluent in spanish, it is difficult to get a straight answer or information from the Cubans. They are lovely and for the most part trying to help even if they don’t know the answer they will give you one, or crazy directions so you have to ask a few times before you take what’s been said as facts.  However, especially in Varadero that is really of no concern it’s super safe and the main strip doesn’t go for that long. It’s 8 km around the whole town so that would be the maximum you would ever have to walk lol everyone tells you 30 blocks is far. Let me assure you friends. It’s actually pretty close and will take you about 20 min to walk. And don’t waste your time on the Hop on hop off bus what a rookie tourist move that was on my part!

Just go straight to Havana, the cab to Havana can be negotiated to $100 pesos and split with 5 people that’s a great deal. Remember Cuban pesos are worth more than USD so bare that in mind with all your purchases. The cab is comfortable and modern with aircon, or you can opt for the bus which we nearly did but the ta

xi won out.Weather it was lost in translation or they just didn’t want us to take the bus we couldn’t figure out exactly where the stop was when the bus would come or how much it was. Lolz all round. But nothing happens in too much of a hurry in Cuba drink a mojito chill  and just keep moving mate.

I tell you Havana would have been some sight to see in the 50’s it is still very beautiful though time and hardship has taken its toll on this city. Havana is stuck in a bazar time warp which is infinitely charming, weather it be the plethora of classic cars, the architecture, or other reminisce of a time passed. It really makes you visualise what it might have been like. Live music everywhere the bands are plentiful and  filled with super talented musicians.

The art scene in Cuba is amazing, there is art literally on every street in downtown Havana. A Giant warehouse on waterfront houses an art market where local artists come to sell their work. Most of the art is government owned/ regulated but artists make for some of Cuba’s most wealthy people as they are entitled to keep a percentage of the sale of each piece sold. A much better deal than the other professions.


So overall Cuba is a trip is it still incredibly poor, people have little and tourism literally keeps that country going so you never have to worry about your safety as a traveller. One of my favourite spots in Havana was a club called Fabrica Musica, it is an art gallery space with multiple levels, exhibits, films, d.j’s pumping tunes and even secret little stores. It was like a real wonderland in there. Another highlight is sort of in transit at BACUNAYGUA for the best pina colada you have had in you life coupled with a pretty decent view. Other than that walk around man, discover and enjoy.(http://cubajournal.co/the-best-pina-colada-in-cuba-and-probably-the-whole-caribbean/) .


You’ll leave a piece of your heart there too I guarantee it, that and maybe a bit of your ass 😂Had to!.




Thanks for reading that was a lot!!





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