Hello helllooo beautiful people! So, now that the hype has died down a likkle and your Facebook feeds aren’t filled with fomo inducing Coachella pics. Let me break down how my Beychella experience was. And yes yes yes it was a Beychella for me and my crew, can I just say that this was probably the best experience I could have had with the best group of people I could of ever gone with. #blessed. It is hot and stressful and crazy most of the time so first piece of advice for future festival goers is choose your squad wisely!! I cannot stress this enough, an experience like this will test your friendships and your patience. You’re going to need amazing people around you to get through it especially if this is your first time round.


The Prep.

So before we get into the ticket saga let’s talk Coachella prep. We opted for the camping option as I wanted to be on Festival ground for the whole 3 days and by the time we got tickets and confirmed the final squad everything was sold out and the Airbnb option which were already super overpriced were even more overpriced like over $1000’s of dollars for places way out of the grounds which would take a car trip and probably an hour to get to, F that! So instead we did the $130 USD camping. However this was pretty tricky. Remember we were flying in from Canada and the other two girls from Australia. So nobody was about to be packing tents in their suitcases. So clever me I devised a cunning plan which involved Walmart and my cousin. Most of the item we needed were available at Walmart and at Bargin prices we saved a fortune I had everything shipped to my cousins place in L.A well before we arrived, so with a bit of luck and a bit of prep we were on our way. Now we just had to get it all to the Palm desert and set it up.. Stay tuned first tickets!!

The Tickets.

The golden tickets

Alright so the first hurdle you have to jump are tickets, getting these bad boys is as much a lottery as it is planning and budget. I suggest getting tix as soon as humanly possible to avoid disappointment and to go through the official Coachella website .We booked our tickets last min and the anxiety was real. Alexis and I got our tickets seriously by fluke I was checking when the last release tickets were going to drop and it so happened that is was literally that night, so when I got online I had my little blue man walking towards my Destiny asap. (Yer there will be many Beyonce`/ Destiny’s child references throughout this post.. deal with it!) . Again this is risky I had my cousin in L.a doing the same thing and they didn’t get through. Now my other two girls Tracy and Eden actually went to L.A on the good grace that there tickets would be there. Tracy found someone on face book and after scrupulous stalking and getting the girl licence info we were pretty sure she was legit. This happens a lot and there are many people in L.A who buy multiple tickets and on sell as a kind of side business. We picked up Tracy’s ticket with no dramas! Thank you Jesus!! Eden’s story however was a little more traumatic, he bought from a very reputable looking 3rd party, who then made us meet him in a Starbucks close to Coachella, this was a different location from what was previously arranged so alarm bells were going off already. When we arrived the wristband looked legit and the guy apparently had many other orders he was delivering but Edens band did not show as activated. This is a huge no no going into the festival grounds so we were in a pan ic, needless to say some strong word were exchanged and we took this guys details, but now we were super late for day one! Long story short there was a very expensive international call made to Coachella officials and the ticket was confirmed so we were good to go!! OMFG!!! The moment the guy on the other end of the phone said we were good. That is what true elation feels like, I couldn’t believe it we were 5 mins out of festival grounds and Eden was about to pay 3k to a random on the street at that point. So we all got in but as you can option 1 is definitely the way forward, especially if you have flown all the way from AUSTRALIA to go to the festival.

The Set Up.

So here’s the thing with buying brand new things online that you are not familiar with… It’s a bitch! Sheesh, as I mentioned earlier we were super late to day one with Eden’s ticket woe’s but its didn’t stop there. No one at the festival seems to know anything in regards to where anything is or where you need to go. Try lugging suitcases and everything else around the joint in the blistering heat. Needless to say we were some cranky females. Then when we did finally get to our site which was 1000% closer than we actually went. We had to set up in practically the dark. With me being the only one with any kind of camping experience and everyone’s patience wearing thin, lets just say we made it…. eventually and no body died. We took a few shots of the Grey Goose we transferred into plastic bottles at the side of the road (not looking suss at all) and did a quick glam for the night. There was a little fail in the blanket department (it got FREEZING!!! at night) and the size of the air mattress’s but hey we were all fine. As everyone heel for this trip, our camp site was pretty funny for me everyone calling me for something by the end of the first day our neighbors knew my name hahaha. But like I said I wouldn’t of had it any other way I have a special connection with each of these girls individually and with this amount of personality we may have snapped and clapped back a few times, but we never lost anyone on the festival grounds and we were out living our  best lives within minutes of any little fights. That’s true friendship if it bothers you, say that shit, work it out and move on.

Our Coachella castle..#nailedit

Life in the Festival.

So one of the big bonuses of the  VIP tickets are the lush air-conditioned bathrooms and the many charging stations for your phone/camera. The charging docs are pretty slow but

Yer getting ready in a hot tent had its challenges..

if you get there early and chill for a bit before the day begins you should get enough juice to get you through the day. It is hot hot hot!! during the day so stay hydrated. I know I know you’re like O.K mum I’m grown i’ll drink all the liquor.And yes my friend you can but you can also die a terrible terrible death. So drink the water like a proper alcoholic so that you can keep on keeping on. I is a 3 day festival after all.  Other than that as all festivals food is stupid expensive but unlike most festivals some of it gourmet A.F and super delicious. I found this Poke bowl place that did a Salmon and Avo joint which literally re-birthed life into me each day. You really need to plan your day, as any avid festival goer knows they always put your favs either on at the same time or miles away from each other that was day 2 for us, and we did not have our walking shoes on. As much as sensible shoes would have been smart I feel like Coachella is way more about that slay outfit ya hear. So stack up on band-aids and insoles ladies cause your 1000% gonna need em.

The Acts/ Highlights.

Of course no words need to be said about BEYONCE!!!!!!!!!!! If you indeed live in Antarctica and somehow happened upon this blog but not the millions of videos of Beyonce’s history making Coachella Headline performance… I… I… I mean I don’t even have a good witty insult here. So lets just go with she was breathtaking and bringing back all the feels with a D.C reunion plus Jay. Z and Solange like you couldn’t put a price on that, for me it was a real life made moment. Other people of note for amazing performances and just all round epicness were, Miguel, Cardi B, my girl Jorja Smith

Some times you just gotta put your glitter on and jump on a bench ya know..

Chic were very cool as well and Eminem only gets props because well he did the classics and he brought Doctor Dre. Some of my Hip-Hop favs Migos and French Montana to name em were very disappointing performers honestly, they couldn’t get the sound right and we literally ended up leaving early. Laaaammme. However the festival overall is just packed with amazing artists known and unknown, I suggest you spend as much time festival ground as possible and unlike us try to spend as little time as possible on getting ready. Lolz, we took our  T.I.M.E and did miss some day tie stuff, that being said though you need some R & R as the nights are long and hard on the heels. Things only really stat getting interesting around 2 pm so you have plenty of time in the am to sleep in and re-fuel.

The Pack Down.

Or lack there of. . . O.k so look it, we were a little naughty and literally left all of our camping gear on the grounds. I sincerely  apologize for any an all of the Coachella staff that had to clean up after us, but this was the best stroke of genius I ever had. So it is one of those sorry not sorry moments. We kinda got caught up in the Coachella vibes not wanting the party to end we and did not make it back to the grounds until much later on in the day. So even though we pre-planned this camp and dash it was all up to Lex to execute the job. Love ya boo!

So there you have it folks our Beychella done and dusted the long long drive back to L.A was intense and that minivan was in a state. We still had a couple nights in L.A and needless to say we had to do it for Tracy who had never been to L.A before full out Hollywood style so that means Taco Tuesdays! Margaritas a night at a club 1Oak with a token celebrity spot.. (it was Busta Rhymes Tracy hugged him).. so you know standard haha! The most random thing about this night is we met a girl in the bathroom at Pink Taco (highly recommend for Taco Tuesday’s) who was the instigator and mastermind behind all of these shenanigans cause trust it is trriickkay to get into these places without a hook-up, she most def had the hook up’s! Shout out to Taro wherever you are you bloody legend. That just how it goes when your in L.A and open to the universe’s gifts. I’ma leave it at that cause ya know ain’t no body need them details..

So this post is super late and super long and that pretty much sums up this Beychella and L.A visit until next time folks.

Lets take a walk on the boardwalk



Peep the Link to Queen Bey’s Epic History Making Coachella peformance making her the first ever Black Female Headliner in Coachella history!!!!!.. All Hail the QUEEN!! Bow down bitches.

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