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Soooooooo guess what!? WE MADE IT!!! YIIIIEEEEEWWW!!! It seemed for a moment there we were not :/. Whilst in New York and planning the next stage of our adventure …(the move to Toronto) I was still waiting on my International Experience or IEC  Visa yep it had not officially come through!!! I had an agency on the case however the stress levels were very high my friends, stress on 1000 %. Of course it came through but daaaaam it was right  down to the wire and I tell ya that was a joyous day indeed. When I received the email I literally screamed and almost didn’t believe it was real, but HOOORRAY it was! As a general rule any Aussie under 30 has little to no trouble getting into Canada for a year or two on a working holiday type arrangement. Canada is part of the Commonwealth and as so has a similar arrangement as Australia and London to allow our young itchy feet international experience that basically makes us better than Americans (jokes…..kinda). The Canadian government does not however play on any kind of criminal offence, have a mark on your name of any kind forget about it. I found this out the hard way, much to my everlasting shame.

Truth bomb! When I was just 18 and newly licensed on my P’s (provisional license) I got a DUI. A blip or so I thought on an otherwise impeccable record in was 10 years after the fact I mean come on! I read the info on how serious Canada takes drink driving offences and even still I innocently applied thinking I was good to go, quick math.. incident occurred 2007 it is now 2017 = 10 years. I was wrong! Not only is there a 10 year limitation that I barely scraped through on, that limit applies to time after license suspension of 1 year is over. Thus the necessary employment of a visa agency. I used “Visas Simply”  though I wouldn’t recommend them they take on too many cases get your information confused and you have to do almost all the work. This was a tedious and EXPENSIVE endeavor but you have to pay for your fuck ups like even 10 years later. Visas Simply did give me valuable information about the Rehabilitation program which is just a fancy word for pay more money write an apologetic letter and prove your generallya good human and your in.. The hard facts are that I applied and payed for my visa two times before realising that I may need some professional help. This meant yet more fees and charges and paper work the funniest of which was a letter providing evidence that I was not a threat to national security! Me? What ?


Look at this face

I suppose those duck lips are pretty criminal, not to mention I hang out with my mum like all the time.. (miss you mama xx) But hey it is what it is. Here is some more info on the Rehab program if your in the same boat all is not lost! https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/application/application-forms-guides/guide-5312-rehabilitation-persons-inadmissible-canada-past-criminal-activity.html

They keep that info well under wraps so you are welcome. Jokes aside I was pretty upset by the whole “Rehab” thing feeling very Amy Winehouse for myself like NO! NO! NO! but with some time and reflection I now feel good that one I had enough lovely friends and colleagues willing to write lovely things about me and that Canada is not letting in a bunch on Delinquents in from the naughty colony haha. That means that everyone here (well the visitors and immigrants at least) are generally good people and I like that! So I made it in by the skin of my teeth and I’m so ready for whatever it is that lies ahead, I got a feeling its gonna be something special.




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