An Aussie on Ice- Surviving Winter in Toronto

Hello hello, gorgeous people! Thanks for stopping by the Bougie Backpacker. Feel free to leave hugs in the comments as I need all of them cause let me tell you winter has been rough here in Toronto! Wow I didn’t even know it was possible to be this cold, like I knew it was gonna be cold but this was something else, we’ve had unprecedented snow fall and the coldest NYE in 50 YEARS!!!! Like WTF couldn’t you have eased this beach bum into it a little? That being said I survived! and you can too, it really isn’t thaaaaat terrible. I’m a snow rookie so it was really pretty to see all the trees whitened out and having a white christmas was bless. Everywhere is heated and they know how to handle the cold around these parts but if your going to be out about there are few essentials you will need.


This is a must have you need a solid winter coat there are no ifs and buts or maybe’s about this, if you’re from anywhere south of the equator don’t even try buying your stuff there unless you get it online. Just buy in Canada, there are retailers everywhere that stock coats in every colour and style. You will have to spend some coin on your coat budget for a minimum of $200 you may get really lucky and find something cheaper but this going to be your best friend and pretty much your daily outerwear so invest in something great and water proof!

This was me basically for 3 months straight


You don’t want to ruin you shoes guuurl, the snow may be beautiful but when it starts to thaw it is slippery, sloshy and messy AF so don’t sleep on the winter boots they need to be waterproof as well as insulated so again will be a little costly depending on your style. You can pick something up form most department stores, I’ve been loving Winners and Marshalls for these bad boys, you can get great brands at discounted rates and one pair will get you through the season.. and into spring.


Might seem like an obvious thing but the few times I forgot or lost my gloves I legit nearly died, so take them everywhere! As well as being a necessity if you’re travelling anywhere on transit, this is also a fun way to look a bit cute and change up the look of your coat, so get a few fun colours and patterns that are cosy and warm.

4. Plan a Trip

Put it in your budget and book as soon as you can, this will give you something to look forward to and it will also allow you to catch a tan and not look as zombified as I’m feeling right now. We’re going to Cuba in a couple weeks! So excited! To me this is a real necessity I miss the ocean so much!!! We got an amazing deal at an all inclusive resort through RED TAG VACATIONS, they are easy to deal with but you have to use a Canadian account they DO NOT accept international credit cards at all. I looked around and there are heaps of sites who do these all inclusive resort packages but they were by far the most cost effective, even for the same resort on different sites. For a week you’re looking at about $600- $2000 dollars depending on your resorts location and rating, none of them are super amazing if you want to spend a fortune you totally can find those resorts but for a quickie getaway I think thats reasonable, I’m going for the beach and the culture, I don’t want to spend all my time in the room staring at teh ceiling, so as long as it’s clean/ safe and the showers work I’m good. Boug tip… You save a packet by booking a resort that’s about a 3 min walk from the beach, which is totally fine by me. Avoiding a little walk is something that North Americans are willing to pay a huge premium for….cause I dunno there feet don’t work??Lol.. Here are some Fun Facts about Cuba—

5. VITAMIN D Supplements

You really need to get some Vit D tablets because you will definitely not get enough sun and Vitamin D is not only essential to calcium absorption it also affects your mood. I didn’t start taking vitamin D until last month and the difference is very real, my energy levels are up my skin is better and overall I have a better sense of well being. Most Canadians are Vitamin D deficient and even the doctors recommend you take it even if you don’t take any other vitamins.  Here’s a little more info on the topic.

With all of these in toe you will survive!! 

I also suggest taking in some winter activities, make some friends with cottages and go ice skating or skiing / snowboarding, might as well take advantage of what the north side has to offer right?



People were telling me that I needed these but actually living here I realised that it really isn’t that serious, you need to layer for sure so definitely tights, nylons and long sleeve tops are a must underneath your fit. But thermals are expensive ugly and un-necessary, don’t waste your time or money on them.


I mean It’s nice if you can afford it or are an extreme fashionista, but even me being a a lil bougie I  was like nah , you just end up wearing the same black coat over and over again, so just deal with this reality. You will have occasions where you can wear lighter coats and jackets and those are happy happy times, but for the most part you’ll grab your coat run out the door and it will be off in 15 – 30 mins until you get to whereever you’re going.


It’s cold we get it! Trust me everyone is cold, and most people even locals will let you know about it frequently, but just get over it, you gotta do what you gotta do and being a lil cold is not the end of the world try to see the beauty in this weather and make sure you don’t let the winter blues keep you indoors sooking!!

I’m really, really happy the worst of the weather is done and I’m super proud of myself that I made it and didn’t pike out cry and go home to mama, even with 5am wake up calls and walking 20 minutes to the gym in snowfall (yer I did that shit). I did it all and now I know I can manage all the extremes,  I’ve done super hot and now super cold. Granted I don’t love it but hey this is what I signed up for.

So that’s all I have to say about this folks see ya next time! In the Spring time YIIIIIIEEEEWWW!!!



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