Hello you beautiful thing you! First off thank you so much for passing through I’m truly honored by your presence. … I hear flattery will get you everywhere, how am I doing so far? Awesome? Ok great! Now then let me now try to be entertaining so your *** stays tuned.

I am The Bougie Backpacker a travelling soul trying my utmost to see this sexy world and be just a little bougie but on a budget. It’s not always easy ladies and gents but we dam sure gonna try to be as fleeky as we can be! I want to share with you my experiences, highs, lows, tips and tricks, amazing adventures and epic fails along the way.

This is my first year blogging and I want to hear feedback so please don’t be shy comment tell me what you want to hear and what you think is whack, its all good. I’ll put on my big girl panties and take on the Internet! I’m no rookie to this travel game though so I think I know some stuff you might want to and if nothing else I can help you to not make some of the same mistakes I have.

This year I quit my job and left my company on ice with the intention of starting a new adventure in Canada with my girl Alexis. I’m a Sports Therapist, Events Manager and part time Singer so I’m hoping my skills, winning personality and people skills will get me over the line to conquer that Maple leaf! It’s exciting it’s terrifying and we’re gonna have a lot of fun along the way and the road to Canada is not direct babes so lets get this party started.

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